Travel Training Resources For SEND Families

The following is a list of useful apps and resources to assist in travel training children and adults with SEND. 

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Moovit app


An easy-to-use customer-facing platform that provides individualised and reliable door-to-door mobility choices for your passengers.

Discover the best routes to anywhere in your city

Peace of mind for public transportation with all your local transit options in one app

When You Need Directions

Detailed Itineraries

GPS for transit. Step-by-step guidance from A to B

Get off alerts

Automatic notifications so you never miss a stop

Your favourite locations

Get 1-tap directions to your most traveled places

When You Need Info on Nearby Transit

Real time status

Know when you actually need to be at the station

Nearby Stations

View all lines running at stations around you

Train & subway stations

Get all the crucial info you need, like platforms, schedules, & last ride of the night

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Brain In Hand - personal technology for independent living

A new type of support

Living with autism, a mental health condition or learning difficulty can lead to problems making decisions, controlling emotions and choosing appropriate behaviour.

Brain in Hand is an on demand support system that gives people access to detailed personalised support from their smartphone, putting the individual more in control of their own support. Always available, it gives easy access to reminders, notes, coping strategies and a team of trained professionals to give help when and where it’s needed.

It’s helping more than two thousand people across the UK to reduce anxiety and improve independence, reducing demand on carers and support services.

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V-SOS Band by Vodafone

V-SOS Band by Vodafone

V-SOS Band by Vodafone saves you from worrying while your loved ones who need that extra bit of care and attention go about their day. With its fall detection, SOS button and easy-to-use app, the sleek V-SOS Band which fits around their wrist, will alert you if it detects a fall or if they need help. So you can relax knowing they’re safe, even when they’re not nearby.

V-SIM by Vodafone is included with this product

Subject to Vodafone network and GPS signal.

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BACK2YOU - GPS trackers


If you are looking for a GPS tracker, then Back2You have the most comprehensive range of tracking devices in the UK. We have over 20 years experience in all aspects of tracking and provide trackers for vehicles, people, pets, assets and more.

Back2You GPS trackers supply the most cost effective and user friendly trackers in the UK. Many of our GPS trackers come with no fees or contracts, making them easily affordable for all.

We can even build bespoke GPS trackers and for both individuals and businesses to suit all your tracking needs. We also supply tracking devices to many UK police forces and security organisations.

National Rail Accessibility Map

National Rail Accessibility Map

Geographic map showing all National Rail stations and their accessibility status and features.

The map is fully zoomable - the further you zoom in, the more detail that will appear. The circled numbers indicate the number of stations clustered in an area which will decluster the more that you zoom in.

You can can also straight to the station you require by using the search box. 

Traveline - public transport info

We’re a partnership of transport companies, local authorities and passenger groups which have come together to bring you routes and times for all travel in Great Britain by bus, rail, coach and ferry, and to provide it in as many different ways as we can so that you can always reach us.

We can help you find the way that best suits you for making your journey using the most up to date information from around the UK for all transport companies.

On our homepage you can plan your journey from door to door across Great Britain, see the different ways you could travel, and view your journey on a map.

Travel Training booklet

Buckinghamshire County Council Travel Training website –

Information on School Travel Planning and sustainable travel initiatives including how to develop a STP, how to run initiatives to help reduce car use, what training is available to help improve pupils’ road safety awareness and skills, and newsletters to provide termly updates on School Travel Planning in Buckinghamshire.

Travel Training booklet from