6 Places for an adrenaline fuelled day out

When you have a child(ren) with additional needs it's often the case that a trip to Tesco is a day out. On the other hand, some children crave excitement and adrenaline!

The following destinations are sure to push everyone to their limits in environments where you can be sure, you're children will be safe. Being out of our comfort zones can be a real source of excitement and build confidence for parents/carers and children alike :-)

Being up high enhances the need to listen and trust the person at the end of the rope. In addition it's great exercise and will burn off loads of excess energy :-)


Wired High Ropes is an amazing, challenging and a fun place to visit with two main attractions, 'Wired' and 'Summit'. Both containing elements of varying difficulty, all designed to test your nerve and ability.

WIRED is a suspended obstacle course, around 4 to 5 meters in height. Comprising of 22 elements, inclusive of a course ending zip-wire to bring back down to earth!

Participants are attached to a continuous belay system (CBS) to allow movement over the elements. There is no requirement to unclip from the wire at any time whilst participating in the activity. The maximum number of participants on the course in a single session is 22.

Who is it for? 

7 years of age and older! There is no upper age limit, however, you will be required to sign a consent form prior to taking part in your chosen activity. We can also accommodate for many various disabilities so please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss things in more detail.

Camp Hill - Bedale

Our aim is to provide an outstanding service to all of our visitors and guests, so that everyone can enjoy their time at Camp Hill Adventure Park. Our mission is to provide a high quality experience, and we are committed to making sure it is accessible for all.

The Adventure Park Grounds.

The Adventure grounds extend to 50 acres with a mixture of grassland and cultivated mature woodland with beautifully mown rides and walkways. The Adventure Park includes the Woodland Kingdom, High Ropes, Sky Walk & Mega Zip, Quad Bikes, Segway’s, 9 hole Footgolf Course, Hollow Tree Woodland Trail, and acres of space to play and walk in.

North Bay Railway - Scarborough

Experience the high-level thrills of the North Bay Railway’s Sky Trial Adventure, one of only a few in the country.

If you’re after an adrenalin rush, rise to the challenge around our 2 level rope bridge and beam course.

Test your resolve and determination across 24 separate challenges - climb commando style on the Jungle Gym, reach new heights on the Skyscraper, take the Speed Climbing challenge light up the board on the Checkerplate. Dare to tackle the Dark Tower or, for the ultimate challenge, sign up for the Leap of Faith!

No climbing experience is necessary and full training is given, with a 30 minute induction as part of your fun-packed 90 minute session and full equipment provided. Indoor climbing has never been easier or safer – our automatic belay devices take in the slack as you climb and then lower you gently to the ground

Facilities include organic coffee, juice and snack bar and secure locker system to store your possessions whilst you Clip ‘N Climb.

Rockantics - Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough Climbing Centre is Primarily a Bouldering Wall with an additional 13 top ropes.

The main bouldering wall has over 150 problems which are updated weekly, so you'll never run out!

Check out our Facebook or Twitter page for updates on route sets

Also featured is a smaller bouldering section for beginner climbers with plenty of easier problems to attempt.


Harrogate Climbing Centre runs regular kids’ activities, including intro sessions, Kids’ Clubs, and is also a great birthday party idea too! Anyone from the age of 4 years old can come and climb with us.

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your kids, their friends, or an exciting day out for the whole family, you’re in the right place! Climbing is a great way for kids to develop fitness and communication skills whilst building confidence in a fun and active environment.


Our climbing routes and boulder problems are the most important part of providing a great facility for climbers. We pride ourselves on providing regularly re-set routes and problems, using up to date holds, and set by some of the UK’s top route setters.

We offer a great spread of grades, from entry-level climbs for new and young climbers, through to top-end test pieces to challenge even the strongest. You will always find a spread of grades which best reflects our climbers’ abilities and is welcoming to all. Keep an eye on our social media pages for route setting updates.