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The British Dyslexia Association

The British Dyslexia AssociationUnit 6a Bracknell BeechesOld Bracknell LaneBracknellRG12 7BWHelpline: 0333 405 4567www.bdadyslexia.org.uk 

The British Dyslexia Association provides the only national helpline supporting tens of thousands of people each year. Working alongside our network of Local Dyslexia Associations, we support people of all ages from across the country. 


dysTalk5 Blythe Mews, London, W14 0HW www.dystalk.comwww.youtube.com/user/dystalk 

DysTalk is an information-sharing social enterprise devised by Will Orr-Ewing and Josh Pull. Our five-word mantra for the project is "helping your child learn better." It's for parents of children who are looking for information on how to optimise their child's learning. dysTalk provides information on specific learning difficulties that may be undermining a child's performance as well as learning strategies that can potentially be applied to all children of all abilities. 

Dyslexia Scotland

Dyslexia Scotland2nd floor — East SuiteWallace House17–21 Maxwell PlaceStirling FK8 1JUTel: 0344 800 84 84 info@dyslexiascotland.org.ukwww.dyslexiascotland.org.uk

We aim to inspire and empower people with dyslexia to reach their full potential. 

Dyslexia Scotland is Scotland's national charity for dyslexia. Based in Stirling, we have a network of volunteer-led branches and adult networks across Scotland. We play a leading role in supporting dyslexic people and in the development of policy and practice on dyslexia-related issues. Our small team of committed and experienced paid staff is complemented by dedicated volunteers working at national and local levels in an impressive range of roles. We are determined to ensure transformational and sustainable improvements for people with dyslexia, living, working and learning in Scotland.


BulletMap Studio

BulletMap StudioTel: 07595 373211info@bulletmapstudio.comwww.bulletmapstudio.com
www.youtube.com/channel/UC_c1jHWv2MLhMgnGWmrg23w www.facebook.com/BulletMapStudio

BulletMap Studio is a training company currently in its design phase. We are a family run company, based in Scotland.

Darius Namdaran and Joanne Lee, as the directors, have been motivated by their family’s personal experience with dyslexia to create online training and coaching content to help families with dyslexic teenagers prosper during their exam years.

Mind mapping has been a lifeline for Darius’ career as a student, teacher, property investor and community worker and it has been of great benefit to their daughter as she studied for exams.

Dyslexia app wheel


York and District Dyslexia Association 


YADDA is a support group for those people impacted by Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalulia, Meares-Irlen syndrome and other learning difficulties. We support children, young people, adults and families via regular meetings and social activities. We are a parent led group, and value people's differences and uniqueness. We strive to give clear, professional support to young people and adults, and to provide children with a range of activities to build confidence and self-esteem. 

Dyslexia Network Plus (DNPlus)


Dyslexia Network Plus (DNPlus)

DNPlus is a local association in North Yorkshire to support people with dyslexia, dyslexic type difficulties and other specific difficulties with literacy and numeracy. It is run by volunteers and based in the Hambleton and Richmond area, but is open to anyone in the region who is prepared to travel.

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