For people with a specific learning disability such as Dyslexia reading and retaining information can be difficult. This is often especially difficult while in meetings or in busy class room environments.

Here are two super quick ways to extract text from images taken on smart device.

1) To extract text from image with a mobile phone

If you have a Samsung tablet or phone you can download Samsung’s Optical Reader for free and extract text by following the 5 steps below.

1) Take picture of image and click tab

2) Click Rectangle tool

3) Select text & click “DONE”

4) Click “Extract text”

5) Copy and paste text to preferred program to read text outload

Optical Reader – free app by Samsung

2) Microsoft OneNote 

Microsoft recently signed a pledge with Made by Dyslexia and it shows! Other than Microsoft Word, my go to tool is Microsoft OneNote. Particularly when use in conjunction with Apple’s Pencil, OneNote is super powerful and easy to use program.

To extract text from image with Microsoft OneNote

1) Load picture of text in to Microsoft OneNote on iPad

2) Click “View” tab and select “Immersive Reader”

OneNote will then extract the text and give helpful options to highlight meaningful words while reading the text out loud. 

For me all Office 365 programs and apps work seamlessly across PC, android and iOS.

Office 365 is currently priced at £7.99 per month which is a little pricey but includes access to Microsoft Office 365 for 5 users with 1TB of OneCloud storage per user. For other price options and to learn more about OneNote check out